“Arts education is vanishing along with funding. I look at this as an opportunity for schools to partner with artists and producers to create our own rich, authentic arts education.”

Vincent Gassetto, Principal, M.S. 343


Situation Project is a proven model on how to successfully incorporate the arts into the school culture. Our program energizes and inspires students, faculty, and administration; creates bonds with parents; and instills school pride.

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The average population of our 1,700 public middle school students across all partner schools:
1% Asian               21% English Language Learners
14% Black             17% Students with Special Needs
80% Hispanic        80% Economic Need Index
5% White

Every student sees two world-class cultural performances. Themes and topics are integrated into classroom learning and after-school activities.

Impact on Students

Before joining Situation Project, students have little to no access to arts and culture. The vast majority have never been to a Broadway-caliber production or considered pursuing a career in art, technology, or a similar concentration.

We have seen a 500% lift in specialized education, meaning our students are choosing to attend specialized high schools that focus on art, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, history, or language.

By investing in students at this critical developmental age, we inspire academic excellence and social growth, leading to well-rounded, contributing citizens. These students, in turn, will make a positive impact on our local communities.


Injecting a platform for imagination in our schools has had a profound effect on school performance. We partner with three public middle schools in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan:

M.S. 223, The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology
M.S. 278, The Paula Hedbavny School
M.S. 343, Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology

These schools are the leading schools in their districts based on student performance and engagement.

Each school signs an annual partnership agreement which exemplifies their commitment to the program. 

Impact on Schools

Several hundred faculty, staff, administrators, and parents participate in our program each year.

Many teachers report that their experiences with Situation Project have changed how they immerse their students in the arts. Teachers also say that the program has informed how they introduce students to careers and to the workplace.