Situation Project Students Experience THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

Broadway’s longest running musical, The Phantom of the Opera is a timeless love story with an unforgettable score composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  In continuing our mission of helping deserving New York City public school students gain access to cultural experiences, The Situation Project is bringing students to see the show live on Broadway this fall. The students and educators will also engage in conversations and curriculum based on the themes of the show: What does the musical say about appearances versus reality, and how does the Phantom’s character challenge our obsession with beauty? How can we relate to his experience of being cast out because of his differences?

The Situation Project believes that access to cultural experiences is essential in school curriculum and serves as a vehicle to help close the achievement gap for many students. Thank you to our amazing supporters and the producing team of The Phantom of the Opera for making this experience possible. 

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About the Situation Project

Welcome to The Situation Project, a 501(c)3 corporation. We believe in the power of the live experience. Our efforts nurture untapped talent pools by investing in the cultural capital of the students in high-performing, arts-deficient New York City Public Schools. We do this by exposing these students and their communities to cultural experiences, institutions and working professionals.