“Music and arts are usually the first programs cut from schools, so any time we get the opportunity to teach kids about the arts, it’s really, really important.”

—Paige Michaels, Canon USA

Situation Project could not exist without the support and generosity of our partners. Thank you to all of you who make our work possible!

Experience makers


Principal Gassetto with students from M.S. 343 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Principal Gassetto with students from M.S. 343 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vincent Gassetto, Principal, M.S. 343, Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology

Ramon Gonzalez, Principal, M.S. 223, The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology

Tania Sanchez, Assistant Principal, M.S. 278, The Paula Hedbavny School


Corporate & Foundation support

Individuals & Foundations

Hawley Abelow
Leslie Barrett
Jamie Bendell
Pippa Bexon
Amy Blumkin
Eric Bornemann
Katherine Byrne
Amy Jacobs
Neal Brilliant
Lisa Cecchini
Tamar Climan
Elizabeth Coy
Brian Curran
Jason Fahlstrom
Charles Flateman
Ilene Flowers
Sean Free
Katryn Geane
Erik Gensler
Nancy Gibbs
Marcia Goldberg

Seth Greenfield
Amelia Heape
Laura Hingle
Susan Holliday
Howard Gilman Foundation
Richard Jaffe
Rebecca Kahn
Jerome Kane
Michael Karns
Meri Krassner
John Lanasa
Timothy & Nina Lannan
Rachel LeFevre-Snee
Adina Levin
Fern Lim
Brian Mahoney
Carlos Martinez
Brian & Nancy McCarthy
Andrew Michaelson
Thomas Mygatt
Stuart Oken

Rosalind Pressman
Matthew Polk
Robynne Reiber
Phillip Day
Ken Robinson
Ilene Rosen
David Rush
Robert Silverman
Emily Simoness
Maris Smith
Andrew Snyder
David Stoller
Holly Sutton
Anne Tanaka
Joanne Villari
Alex Villari
Beth Watson
Gayle Waxenberg
Lisa Wisely
Peter Yagecic

As of January, 2018


Broadway for All.  They are on a mission to transform the American stage and screen to reflect the diversity of America.

The Broadway League.  The industry trade association that offers a range of remarkable programs to expand access to Broadway.

The Broadway Education Alliance.  An organization that supports arts education programs and services that inspire creativity, build confidence, and stimulate critical thinking.

Camp Broadway.  They are on a mission to help children develop their character through programs designed to build confidence, inspire creative expression and instill well-being in aspiring artists and future audiences.

The National High School Musical Theatre Awards.  A national celebration of outstanding student achievement in high school musical theatre.

The Shubert Foundation.  A foundation dedicated to sustaining and advancing the live performing arts in the United States.

TDF: Theatre Development Fund.  A not-for-profit organization working to encourage and enable diverse audiences to attend live theatre and dance productions.

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