Our Vision



We believe the arts is an amazing vehicle to broaden worldview and that in an increasingly interconnected world, the future leaders of tomorrow need to join arts programs today.

With this in mind, Situation Project aims to create and promote inventive, unbound cultural experiences that expand and inspire students’ imaginations.

With thousands of amazing arts organizations across the country providing a range of arts and cultural experiences, we want to invite parents and their children to join in.

Situation Project works with three New York City middle schools where arts funding is needed to provide a working model on the importance of arts and cultural experiences in children’s lives.

We do this by exposing these students and their communities to cultural experiences, institutions and working professionals.

Describing what’s possible is one thing - showing it in real life is something much more impactful in driving awareness around the possibilities.  It inspires parents/teachers/children - but also arts organizations to become more involved in doing more.  It’s a showroom for the possibility of arts and cultural experiences in kids lives.



Damian Bazadona
Founder, Situation Project