Our Vision



Our vision with Situation Project is to provide arts-deprived public-school students access and exposure to world-class New York City arts and culture experiences. We deliver at least two experiences to each student every year. We also provide hands-on activities that integrate technology with the arts, deepen student encounters, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

By the time our students graduate the 8th grade, they will have seen a repertoire of at least six shows through Situation Project. Artist talk-backs, sessions with entertainment professionals, and on-site educational seminars also allow our students to get to know these people as real human beings and ultimately see themselves in these artists. They learn from professionals who made choices, worked hard, and achieved success in ways that they can one day emulate themselves.

 We now work with three public schools in New York City and, to date, we've created over 18,000 experiences that have enriched these students' lives. We hope this model can serve as inspiration for communities across the country to act and support the students in their own backyard. Overall, we’re passionately working towards providing these students the opportunity to expand their worldview and learn directly from professionals themselves, and we’re engaging our own community to do it.

“Partnering with the Situation Project provides access and meaningful experience to students that historically are left out of the Broadway industry. We can talk about it and try to explain Broadway, live theatre, art and everything that comes with it, but without experiencing it, they are just words and concepts that are not real. When students leave us in 8th grade, they are now armed with the ability to make informed decisions about the arts and decide for themselves if this is something they want to pursue professionally, as a hobby/interest, or simply not be involved because it isn’t for them. The Situation Project makes this connection a reality.”

- Vincent Gassetto, Principal at MS 343 The Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology