“The joy in their faces is pretty amazing.

—Carol Rosegg, Broadway photographer

We create and promote inventive, unbound cultural experiences that expand and inspire students’ imaginations.

What We Do

We provide arts-deprived public school students access and exposure to world-class New York City arts and culture experiences. Every year, we create two or more experiences for each student, and inspire them with hands-on activities which integrate technology with the arts.


How We Do It

We take every student in our partnering NYC middle schools to see two Broadway-level productions, culminating in a repertoire of six shows by their eighth-grade graduation. Artist talk-backs, sessions with working professionals, and on-site educational seminars allow our students to meet and see these professionals as real human beings who made choices, worked hard, and achieved success.

Core Values

  • Experiences take students beyond standardized learning.
  • The kids who are doing the most with the least deserve extra support.
  • New York City’s abundance of cultural offerings are the birthright of each NYC student, no matter their socio-economic background.
  • We have a moral obligation to support our local communities.
  • Our students need imagination; our cultural organizations need future audience development; our communities need productive citizens. It’s a cycle.

How We Got Started

In 2011, M.S. 343 had scored at the top of its district for 5 years running, despite its location in the poorest congressional district in the country. Principal Vincent Gassetto was looking for ways to continue the success and reward the students. Someone needed to step in to support the school... and that’s exactly what Damian Bazadona, President of Situation Interactive, did.

Using funds slated for holiday gift baskets for clients and partners, Situation sent the entire school to see Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark—a significantly more impactful gift! Before this, most of these students had never been on a field trip, much less seen a Broadway show.

The Spider-Man company were so moved by the school’s presence that they organized a day of Spider-Man at the Bronx school, where performers and technicians spoke to the students in small groups. The highlight was at the end of the day, when cast members performed songs from the show in the auditorium.

With this school trip to world-class arts and culture and access to working arts professionals, Situation Project was born.