"I want students to see that a creative community exists that does this for a living."
– Damian Bazadona, Founder, Situation Project

our Team

Damian Bazadona, Founder, Situation Project | President, Situation Interactive

Eileen Minnick, Agency Liason, Situation Project | Operations & Events Supervisor, Situation Interactive

Alex Villari, Strategic Director, Situation Project | President, Grand Army Advisors

Miriam Gardin, Strategic Manager, Situation Project | Consultant, Grand Army Advisors

Ramon Gonzalez, Principal, M.S. 223, The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology

Maureen Guido, Principal, and Charles Reilly, Assistant Principal, M.S. 278, The Paula Hedbavny School

Ysidro Abreu, Principal, and Alan Faulkner, Assistant Principal, M.S. 319, Maria Teresa Mirabal School

Vincent Gassetto, Principal, M.S. 343, Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology


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